Face Toner: Why it should be included in your skincare routine?

Face Toner: Why it should be included in your skincare routine?

Even out your skin tone by adding face toner to your skincare regime. Ah, toner. Really? It won’t be a surprise if you give this expression after reading the first sentence. There are many people who still consider toner a useless product. However, ask any skin expert, and they would swear by using it.

No wonder, our beauty and skincare industries are evolving day by day and launching innovative products. But facial toner is one of the important products that are neglected without knowing about it. It might not be important as a cleanser, exfoliator or serum but it does have a significant role in improving your skin.  

For instance, Korean and Japanese skincare methods are now adopted worldwide and they swear by toners. They even prefer to call them lotions instead of toners. Hence, we are lacking a great product in our quest to get clear skin. We understand this is a deep but untouched subject. In this post, we have discussed:

  • What is face toner?
  • What does a toner do for the skin? Or, What are the benefits of using a toner?
  • How to incorporate it into your regular skincare routine? Or how to use it?
  • Is toner ideal for all skin types?

After reading all these facts, you would understand how important is facial toner and why you should not neglect it. 


What is face toner?

Face toner is one of the skincare products that have the consistency of water and is used to remove excessive oil from your skin. These are especially recommended for the skin who have acne. Most face toners contain a high concentration of alcohol and therefore, tend to make your skin dry. However, today formulations of toners have completely changed and contain a variety of brightening, soothing and anti-aging ingredients. 

Mostly, a toner is used to cleanse the skin by removing any traces of oil and debris. With new developments, they are meant to nourish and rejuvenate the skin along with removing the traces of oil or debris. During your skincare routines, they act as a primer for the rest of your skincare products. 


Face Toner Benefits - What does a toner do for the skin?

There are several reasons that would make you think about using the product. Let’s know a few important reasons for knowing what a toner does to your skin.

Keeps your skin balanced after deep cleansing

You will find many cleansers that tend to make you dry during the cleansing process. Applying a face toner helps to restore the pH balance of your skin. It keeps your skin away from a tight or dry feeling. 

Hydrates your skin 

Today, toners are formulated aiming at restoring hydration to your skin after cleansing. It includes hydrating ingredients to bind the hydration (water) to your skin for long-lasting results. 

Refreshes your skin 

Since it has hydrating qualities, spritzing toner to your skin with a spray is the ideal way to start your daily skincare routine. It keeps your skin soft and refreshed throughout the day. 

Calms your skin

Toners made of natural ingredients are good for giving a calming sensation to your skin. It alleviates any temporary discomfort or redness. 

Removes oil, dirt and makeup 

Cleansing is not enough when it comes to deep cleaning your open pores. Adding a toner to your daily skincare routine helps to remove excess dirt, oil and makeup residue left on your skin. 

Tightens up the pores of your skin

When you have large pores, excessive oil or dirt enters the skin making it prone to skin infections and acne. Using a face toner on regular basis tightens your large pores and shrinks the overall size. Therefore, fewer toxins or oil settles in your skin and gives your a fresher as well as cleaner look. It makes your skin visibly smoother. 

Controls Acne problems

Clogged pores also result in skin breakouts such as acne or pimples. Toners help in closing your pores by removing all kinds of buildup, dead skin cells, makeup residue and more. Hence, using a face toner helps in controlling acne and other skin breakouts.  


How to incorporate a face toner into your regular skincare routine?

Ideally, a face toner is used after cleansing. The purpose of using a toner is to remove missing residues and close the pores. Hence, it's mostly used after your cleansing session, preferably once in the morning and once at night skin routine. 

Here are the steps on how and when to use a face toner: 

  • First, clean your face to remove dirt and makeup with an oil-based cleanser. 
  • Second, wash your face with a mild foam-based cleanser made of natural ingredients. Gently massage cleanser on your face and get rid of all makeup and dirt. Dry your face using a clean face towel. 

Note: You can also use an exfoliator after the cleansing process. Though using a scrub or exfoliator once or twice a week is enough. Hence, whenever you are planning to do it, use a scrub before toning. 

  • Third, take a cotton ball or pad and pour some face toner on it. Pour it until it feels damp. But make sure it’s not overly soaked. Let’s not waste any product in the process. Each drop is precious. 
  • Gently wipe the damp cotton ball on your face and neck to remove the remaining impurities like dirt, oil or makeup. 
  • Once done, spray a little toner on your face to give your face an extra dose of refreshing feeling and hydration. 
  • Let it dry. It will hardly take one minute. 
  • Once dry, now your skin is ready to absorb other skincare products. You can follow the other steps of a skincare routine such as applying serum, moisturizer and so on. 

These steps are the most basic steps to perform any skincare routine and apply a face toner in between. Also, if you tend to have open pores and acne issues, you can add toner to your face packs or masks. Adding it helps to penetrate the product deeper into your skin and get desired results. 

Bet it, toning is one of the essential steps in your skincare routine. And, it’s widely used in facial clean-ups.


Is toner ideal for all skin types?

Toning is not harmful to any skin type. While using, you need to make sure it's not making your skin tight or dry. And, we always advise to not use toner near the eyes. 

Mostly, toners are gentler in use and adaptable to all skin types and individual needs. We advise you to use a toner made of natural ingredients such as Poweblend Face Toner. It’s an alcohol-free, lightweight and nourishing toner for your face. It contains humectants that preserve moisture and help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier for better adoption of other skincare products. Happier’s Face Toner is a refreshing blend of Chamomile, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Watermelon and Hyaluronic Acis. It’s gentle in use and effective for all skin types especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. 


A face toner is one of the skincare products that is missed by most people during their skincare routines. It plays a key role in unclogging the large pores and removing oils as well as other traces of dirt, oil or makeup residues. You are trying everything to make your skin looks smoother and glowing. Then, why ignore this product? We hope we have cleared all your doubts regarding face toner and its importance. Try at once and let us know your experience. We would be happy to include your response. 

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How often I should use a face toner?

Ideally, it's recommended to use the face toner during your skincare routine. And, you should always follow the skincare routine twice a day, in the morning and at night before sleeping. Therefore, you can use a toner after your first step of cleansing, twice a day. 

Is toner important for your skin?

Yes! Toners have the great ability to remove all toxins and residues from clogged pores. This property of toner helps to avoid breakouts while also minimizing the visibility of pores. 

Can I skip toner and use other skincare products?

There is no strict rule stating you have to use a toner. It’s all up to you. After understanding the importance of using a toner, you need to decide what’s best for your skin. We recommend, instead of skipping, start making a habit of using it regularly. 

Is it good to use face toner every day?

Definitely! We always recommend using a natural ingredients-based, non-astringent toner daily to remove residues such as dirt, oil or makeup to avoid the clogging of pores. Using a toner every day helps to keep the skin breakouts away. For instance, if you want to say goodbye to acne, then start using a face toner twice a day, every day. 

Does toner make your skin lighter?

Toners work on your skin to give it a fresh, smooth and brighter feel. It works on your pores and makes them smaller so that there won’t be any residue deposits anymore. Once your skin looks clearer, the tone lightens. But its main purpose is not to lighten the skin tone. It focuses on giving a smoother look. 

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