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What Makes Happier Special?

Every formulation at Happier is a result of extensive research and experimentation. Our ingredients are carefully sourced and analysed by chemists around the world to ensure the most effective combination of superfoods. Our products are dermatologically tested and go through:

  • MSD Testing
  • Efficacy Testing
  • Compatibility & Stability Studies
  • Multiple Trials
  • Careful Ingredient Analysis

Self-care is a priority! Pamper yourself with the best self-care products

Self-care means doing the things that make you feel happy, more like a feeling yourself. Indulging in the best self-care products for your body and mind is always the best investment. In this hectic world where everything is so polluted and diluted with negativity, the time comes when you need to take care of every inch of your body both physically and mentally. That is the time when self-care becomes the priority.

Explore a comprehensive range of self-care products curated with the combination of nature and science striking a balance between your inner and outer well-being.

Buy Self-care essentials for your body, mind, and soul

Self-care is important! Whenever you decide to take time for your well-being, happiness overflows. During the process, you necessitate self-care essentials to enlighten the real self in you, the happier you. Hence, it’s always advised to understand the working of required self-care essentials and allow them for your good.

So, don’t think twice! Take care of your physical and mental well-being with the most recommended self-care products and allow yourself to enjoy the sensations of your mind and body.

Skincare Products

Have you ever thought about skin-vestment? It’s a process of investing your time, effort, and money to achieve healthy, youthful, and glowy skin. Today, with such a hectic lifestyle, it gets hard to keep yourself on the beat when it comes to your skin. However, by using skincare products, you can give some love to your skin anytime.

We have created a wide range of skincare products summoning the power of natural superfoods and science that will make your skin healthy, young and glowy all the time. With the goodness of nature and science, you can keep your skin problems away and feel confident from the inside. And, the best part, our skin care products are suitable for all skin types.

Hair care Products

Having beautiful hair is not hard to achieve! But taking care of your precious hair is as important as your overall health. Your hair is your reflection. Hence, you can’t compromise their nourishment and health. Today, most of the generation prefers to go to salons and try expensive hair products to satisfy their hair needs. But why spend lots of money when you can pamper your hair at home at affordable prices?

We have created an exclusive range of hair care products with the goodness of nature and science to keep your beautiful tresses strong and healthy. Keeping the need of each hair type in mind, we have curated the magic of superfoods and uniquely transferred them to the various ranges of hair care products, to provide the ideal care to your hair. After all, hair care is itself a happier self-care!

Body care Products

Give your body a little love! Taking care of your body is a must especially when you come from a long hectic day. With day-long stress and hard work, your body needs some effort to feel relaxed and refreshed. All can happen when you understand your body's needs and use the right body care products to heal. Yes, your body is the temple you live in and hence, you need to make sure you worship it perfectly.

With the goodness of superfoods and science, you can achieve all these. We present you with the exclusive collection of body care products designed to give you the ultimate enriched experience while sitting at home. Explore a wide range of our body care products and glow differently.

Health and Wellness Products

As it said, health is a state of the body whereas wellness is a state of being. Obtaining an optimal level of health and wellness helps to encourage the balance of your physical activity, mental well-being, and body nutrition. Keeping them in check keeps your body in top condition. Taking care of your health and wellness allows you to nurture your personality and helps you take responsibility for your health.

Helping you to keep the balance, we have created a wide range of health and wellness products to keep you healthier, productive, and happier. Explore the wide range of our self-care products and let your body, mind, and soul be happier.

Mindful self-care Products

Being mindful is the practice of self-acceptance and self-understanding knowing the needs of your mind and body. It includes a way of self-care, a way of being.

Explore the unlimited range of health and wellness products crafted for the needs of your body, mind, and health hygiene. With the amazing goodness of nature and science, get a unique self-care using our health and wellness range and help yourself de-stress in every way.

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Discover the mesmerizing range of skincare products packed full of natural superfoods. Buy skin care products and make your skin healthy and glowy.

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Are you looking for the best sunscreen lotion or sunblock for your skin? Buy the best sunscreen lotion online available at the best prices for all skin types.

Best Hair Scrub for All Hair Types

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Best Self-Care Products Price-list Online - Behappier



Multigreens Face Cleanser

Rs. 297.50

Powerblend Face Toner

Rs. 346.50

Soulfresh Essential Oil

Rs. 245

Healthblend Multivitamins

Rs. 486.50

Marine Collagen

Rs. 1396.50

FAQs for the Best Self-Care Products

What is self-care? Why is it important for your mind and body?

In simple words, self-care means taking care of yourself. Whether you take care of your body, mind, and soul, the activities to achieve it are called self-care. With so much stress and pressure in everyone’s lives, it’s necessary to do self-care. It is important to take care of your body, health, and mind to stay healthy, peaceful and calm.

Why should you explore self-care products?

Self-care, also termed personal care, helps you to take care of your health hygiene, enhancing your attractiveness and making you feel good about yourself. Taking self-care helps you to come out of the stress, pressure, and any burden that makes you sick or tiresome. The unfortunate stress can lead to many diseases. Hence, it’s advised to follow self-care essentials rather than regretting it later.

Are these skincare products good for my skin?

Absolutely YES! Our skincare range is made of natural superfoods infused with science that helps to understand each skin type’s basic needs and work accordingly but naturally. Our products are completely harmless for all skin types.

Do we really need skincare and haircare products?

Why not? When your stomach feels hungry, you provide it with the required nourishment. Similarly, your skin and hair require nourishment for better functioning and growth. Though you get proper fluids from your body for the same, however, with such pollution and unwanted stress, your skin and hair need special care. With proper self-care, you won’t feel the need to rush to the salon for your skin or hair development. Using the right skincare and hair care products will not just make you look good but help you fulfil the essential requirements.

What do health and wellness mean?

Health is a state of being referring to physical, mental, and social health whereas wellness describes the state of living a healthy lifestyle, enhancing your well-being.

Why is body care important?

Your body sheds skin cells throughout the day. With unwanted stress and pollution, it tends to shed more. Hence, it’s important to keep your body's skin healthy, glowy, and in good condition with proper care. An effective body care routine and the right usage of body care products can help prevent acne, wrinkles, and spots and keep your skin looking at its best.

What happens when you don’t follow a skincare routine?

Without skincare, your skin looks dull and dry. Despite any season, taking good care of your skin is essential and with the right skincare products, you can achieve it without any hassle. And, who wants dull skin? No one, right?

What are skin superfoods?

Superfoods are the type of food that is mostly rich in omega-3 fatty acids and help your skin to moisturize and calm naturally. There are several superfoods like walnut, flax seeds, avocados, ginger, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, etc. that help your skin, hair, and body stay healthy and nourished.