Sunscreen Stick is our celebrities' new fav skincare hack. Know why?

Sunscreen Stick is our celebrities' new fav skincare hack. Know why?

What makes our celebrities super glowy and flawless all day and night? Whenever we ask them the secret behind their gorgeous skin, they always suggest wearing SPF every day. It sounds quite obvious! Everyone knows that wearing sunscreen is essential when it comes to protecting your skin from sun damage. But wearing sunscreens in the form of lotions, creams or sprays is a hell of a task. And, carrying them everywhere, you can’t even imagine. 

So, how do these celebrities keep themselves floated with regular application of their favourite sunscreens? We decided to know the secret behind that, the ultimate skincare hack to keep the skin protected. And, we got the answer. It’s Sunscreen Stick!

Days have gone when you need to carry traditional sunscreen and get your hands messy every time you step out for re-application of your SPF. Our celebrities prefer to use Sunscreen Stick instead of other sunscreens as it's portable, a perfect option to carry the goodness of sunscreens especially when you are on the go.

Now, you must be wondering whether a sunscreen stick is the next big thing when it comes to your skincare routine. What makes sunscreen sticks better than your old sunscreens? Are sunscreen sticks safe for your skin? Is sunscreen stick better than spray or other sunscreens? What are the benefits of using sunscreen sticks? 

Don’t worry our gorgeous readers! In the post, we are trying to answer your every query related to this celebrities’ new fav skincare hack. 

Excited? Let’s know more…

What makes sunscreen stick a better product?

Earlier choosing the right sunscreen was a daunting task. Once you find the suitable SPF for your skin, re-application was a bit concerning. Thus, you carry sunscreens in a small-sized form that could be swiped on your face easily. But the end result was messy, greasy hands and even your face. Right? 

Everyone knows that sunscreen is designed to be applied 20 minutes before stepping outside. Also, it needs to be reapplied every two hours. Then, only you can get the ultimate benefits of wearing SPF. However, reapplication has always been tricky. 


Considering the factors such as makeup, busy day, etc. can hamper your sunscreen routine. And of course, it can get messy! Also, reapplication always drops a white cast if you are applying your screen without washing or cleaning your face especially if your sunscreen is liquid. Here, the sunscreen stick can be your saviour. 

So, Why are sunscreen sticks better? 

Because of their mess-free and easy-to-use application, these sticks are great for applying as well as re-applying SPF throughout the day without any worry. Even some of our celebrities prefer to apply a coat of liquid sunscreen in the morning and then use their favourite Sunscreen Stick for touch-ups throughout their daily routine. 

Smart, right?

Also, Sunscreen Sticks are the perfect beauty travel hack that can be considered during this summer and even beyond. These convenient sticks are trending and become the new favourite way to protect the skin from harmful sun rays and prevent tanning. And they come with more benefits.

What are the benefits of using a sunscreen stick?

Sunscreen sticks are the new mess-free sunscreen options in the market that becoming a game changer for your face protection. Apart from mess-free application or reapplication, it offers several other benefits that make it one of the must-have skincare products, especially during summer. These are:

Lightweight in use

Applying heavy sunscreen on your face is a big no especially when you are planning to put on some makeup during summer. In case you are having acne-prone skin, it’s better you do even not think about using heavy sunscreen on your face. 

However, unlike other sunscreen lotions and creams, sunscreen sticks are lightweight in use and help those who struggle with acne breakouts. An ideal sunscreen stick is formulated for all skin types considering the basic requirements and won’t cause any sort of acne breakouts. 

Also, it helps to make your makeup application smoother. Ask any skin or makeup expert, they always suggest using sunscreen in your basic prepping before applying makeup or after doing skincare routine using skincare tools. It not only protects your skin but also makes your makeup smoother. Hence, it is necessary to apply a lightweight sunscreen. Once you get done with your makeup, you can use a lightweight sunscreen stick for your regular sunscreen touchup without messing your makeup look. 

Easy to apply even around the eyes

When it comes to protecting your facial skin from sun damage, you can’t ignore the delicate skin around the eyes. Here, sunscreen sticks have an advantage over traditional sunscreens. 

Sunscreen sticks make it easy to apply the sunscreen around your eye areas without getting worried about your eyes being touched by nails or something. Sunscreen sticks are small and easy to apply which makes them easy to target areas around the eye region. Thus, when you don’t miss out on your eye areas, you get protected from premature ageing induced by sun exposure.  

Easy to carry

A sunscreen stick is your perfect travel companion that is easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. Most of the sunscreen sticks look like small deodorant sticks. Hence, they can be easily carried in your handbags, wallet and even pockets. 

So, whenever you step out for something, you don’t need to worry about carrying your sunscreen lotions or creams for time’s sake. Just put the stick in the pocket and stay protected. 

No white-cast

Sunscreen sticks are mostly meant for re-application. Hence, they tend to go clear/transparent on your skin without leaving any sort of white cast or element. Such a kind of benefit helps to keep your makeup look intact and reapply sunscreen at the same time without any worry. 

Pro Tip: Use sunscreens made of superfoods

Sunscreen is one of the most important skincare products that you can’t miss any day. Hence, make sure you are not putting any chemicals on your skin for the sake of using sunscreen.

So, while looking for the best sunscreen stick for the face, always look for the sunscreen that has the goodness of natural ingredients or superfoods. 

For instance, Happier Dewy Sunscreen Stick is the perfect sunscreen stick with SPF 50 PA+++ that is lightweight, non-greasy and gives a silky smooth finish to your skin all day long. All thanks to its 8-hour-long sun protection enriched with a blend of super ingredients such as Vitamin E, Blueberry and Licorice Extracts and more. After all, using a natural product is always the best. 

Are sunscreen sticks safe for your skin?

Absolutely yes! Using a sunscreen stick is as effective as using your liquid or cream sunscreens. It contains the same formula and ideology to protect your skin from harmful UV rays or sun damage. The only difference is it comes in the form of a stick to give you a mess-free application every time you need to apply or reapply the sunscreen. It comes in a small size. 

Hence it’s easy to carry and you don’t need to struggle to use it like you have been while using liquid or cream sunscreens. Sunscreen sticks carry the same benefits. Thus, these are recommended by dermatologists and loved by our celebrities. 


We hope you have got your answer why celebrities and influencers are talking about this new advancement, Sunscreen Stick. Because of its easy-to-carry and mess-free application properties, it’s already aligned in the category of the must-have skincare products or the ultimate skincare hack. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the sunscreen stick made of superfoods or natural ingredients and get ready to protect your skin from sun damage like never before. 

Once, you try, do share your experience in the comment section. We would love to know about your experience. 

Till then…

Live. Laugh. Wear Sunscreen.

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