Hair Scrub Benefits & Uses: Why should you use a hair scrub?

Hair Scrub Benefits & Uses: Why should you use a hair scrub?

It’s necessary to take care of your scalp skin along with your hair if you want to keep up with your hair health. Like our body's skin, our scalp also requires deep cleansing and nourishment. Ignoring your scalp ultimately results in badly clogged pores, leading to several hair problems.

So, how do you take care of your scalp? A time-tested solution to maintaining good scalp and hair health is to use a hair scrub to exfoliate the scalp regularly. Here are its major benefits:

Get rid of toxins from the skin pores

Clean hair follicles are essential for keeping excellent hair health. But our skin accumulates all types of impurities like environmental pollutants, dirt, excessive oil, sweat, dead skin cells, and scalp skin is no exception. Due to the buildup, the hair follicles get clogged, and the hair becomes greasy. These impurities clog scalp skin pores and gather at your hair roots if left untreated.

That ultimately results in all sorts of hair and scalp health issues. If the build-up in your skin is excessive, shampooing will not clean the pores. Then, a hair scalp detox treatment is the solution to bring back hair health.

What is the detox treatment, and how does it work?

The hair scalp detox treatment cleans your skin pores from the toxic materials gathered from various sources, like oil and dirt. Hair follicles have the space to grow after consistently removing the toxins. That is the key to healthy and bouncy hair.

The detox treatment process is easier to follow as your health care routine. It's an easy detox that starts with a scalp massage to exfoliate the skin for quick removal of the buildup. You use a hair scrub to exfoliate to help your scalp breathe. It detoxifies your hair roots and digs out those obstinate toxins. Just gently massage your scalp with the hair scrub to clear the dead cells and all that buildup out of the way. Use this detox scrub daily to promote smoother and radiant skin.

The formula contains essential oils for extra hydration of the scalp. Most hair detox scrubs have Dead Sea salt for invigorating physical exfoliation to improve circulation for healthy skin. Pumice stone, poppy seeds, and sea clay could be used as ingredients to dig out impurities and toxins.

Eliminate dandruff with routine use of hair scrub

Dandruff is a yeast-like fungus that feeds on the hair oil we use on the scalps. So, the main cause of dandruff is using too much oil, which clogs hair follicles. You may also be using hair products like hair oil that results in the build-up and closing of the pores. The scalp skin glands, like your facial skin, also produce oil called sebum, which is essential to maintain hair and skin health.

But sometimes, the oil continues to stay there in the pores. Many people frequently use oil, thinking it will eliminate dandruff, which is a big mistake. The fact is that the use of oil further aggravates the situation. This is because dandruff feeds on the saturated fatty acids found in oils. So, do not oil your hair when suffering from dandruff.

Also, avoid using dry shampoo and styling products that often result in building these products on the scalp, causing several other problems, such as oil build-up and hair dullness, besides dandruff. A proven remedy is to use a hair scrub for dandruff twice a week.

The scrub exfoliates your scalp skin gently and digs out all that build-up in your skin pores. Since the impurities such as oil and dirt continue to rest in the pores, you need to exfoliate your scalp skin more often as part of your hair care routine.

Regain your hair health using a hair scrub

Are you one of those many people struggling with thinning hair? While many reasons for it are cited, the main culprit is dry scalp. If you let your scalp remain dry for an extended period, it may ultimately result in hair shedding. That is because a dry scalp lacks any stimulation, which often results in slower blood circulation and an insufficient supply of nutrients.

Another reason for thinning hair is that the oils you use daily build up at the roots of your hair. Not only the hair oils we use, but experts say that natural oils from the scalp itself sometimes also accumulate at the hair pores and clog them. Therefore, a proven remedy for hair growth is stimulating dry skin so that blood circulation improves.

To achieve that, the hair scrub for hair growth is a potent tool to get your hair health back. Hair scrub exfoliates your scalp skin, working as a stimulant for increasing blood circulation to the hair roots. Exfoliation is widely considered an excellent solution for psoriasis and other scalp disorders.

Another reason for thinning of hair could be the excessive growth of the yeast called Malassezia on your skin. This yeast feeds on the hair oil we all routinely use. The yeast cannot flourish for long when you stop using the oils. So, use the scrub with sufficient natural essential oils and nutrients instead of hair oils. This means that you supply nutrients to the hair roots while exfoliating your scalp skin.

Consequently, you not only get rid of yeasts, dandruff, dry scalp, and other issues but supply the nutrients at the same time for healthy hair. But how many times should you use the hair scrub? You should exfoliate your scalp skin at least once or twice a week. But the frequency of using the hair scrub depends significantly on your lifestyle.

However, avoid exfoliating daily as it may cause issues to your sensitive scalp, which then starts overproducing oil. So, experts believe that you should give rest to your scalp skin so it can start producing its natural oil on its own, which is crucial for keeping the scalp and hair healthy.

Hair Scrub removes painful ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is shaved or tweezed hair that often grows inwardly into the skin, causing inflammation and irritating pain. Such hair is identifiable easily when you see some small but solid bumps on your scalp skin. Pus-filled small blisters are also a symptom.

In most cases, the major reasons for ingrown hair are dying, shaving, or tweezing. When we talk about body hair, many people shave carelessly in a hurry or sometimes adopt the wrong waxing approach. The hair may also curl into follicles, compelling it to grow inwardly. As a result, there emerges a swollen, painful bump.

The condition primarily affects people who shave and have curly hair. Sometimes, ingrown hair causes persistent itching, a very irritating sensation. Most people continue to suffer from it as they think that simply cleaning hair with water is the solution. Or, they apply more oil to ease the irritation for the time being.

But that escalates the problem. While talking about your hair, a practical solution is to use a hair scrub for ingrown hair. The scrub has ingredients like sea salt or pumice that work as physical exfoliators. Since ingrown hairs are often trapped in our skin's dead upper layer, the scrub can easily exfoliate the skin. Constant rinsing of hair helps trapped hair let loose.

How to use a hair scrub?

Buy a hair scrub online and use it to exfoliate to help your scalp breathe. It detoxifies your hair roots and digs out those obstinate toxins. Here are some tips for using the scrub to your advantage;

Use before shampoo - Use the scrub before shampooing your hair. You can replace your shampoo by using the scrub while taking a shower.

Take hair scrub - Take a half tablespoon of the scrub and massage the hair scrub gently on your scalp. You can use a scalp massager brush.

Massage gently - Make sure that you gently massage your scalp with the hair scrub and rinse to clear the dead cells and all that buildup out of the way.

Move fingers in a circular motion - Move your fingers in a circular motion so the scrub gets into the skin pores and fetches the impurities out. Also, while massaging, move the fingers from the front of the scalp to the back. This will help exfoliate your scalp thoroughly to remove oil and other build-ups.

Use a hair mask - After you are finished with massaging, follow it up with a hair mask or conditioner.

When determining the frequency of applying the hair scrub as a dandruff treatment, experts say that using a hair scrub once or twice a week will help you regain your hair health.


Hair scrub is your remedy to get rid of all hair issues such as clogging hair follicles, dry scalp, yeast formation, the buildup of pollutants, oil, dirt, and other impurities. The scrub first exfoliates the scalp skin to stimulate blood circulation and then supplies nutrients to the damaged follicles and skin pores. The routine use of the scrub helps hair growth.


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1. Is a hair scrub any good for my hair?

It certainly is. Hair scrub works doubly for your hair growth. It first exfoliates your dead scalp skin so that a newer one can be given a chance to grow. As the exfoliation process continues, the scrub supplies nutrients necessary for hair growth. So, the scrub helps eliminate any buildup in your hair pores.

2. Is scalp scrub needed?

You must use a hair scrub once or twice a week to maintain hair growth. You will avoid the potential growth of yeast and keep your scalp well moisturized. Also, most people neglect the scalp while showering. But the scrub can help here.

3. Will scalp scrub damage my hair?

Not at all. But make sure that you massage your hair gently with the scrub. Heavy-handed rubbing should be avoided as it can damage hair follicles.

4. How do I stop dandruff?

Dandruff feeds on some acid in hair oil. So, stop using hair oils in case you are suffering from dandruff. Instead, a hair scrub can exfoliate your skin to eliminate the oil buildup in your hair follicles and help the skin produce its natural oil, which prevents dandruff.

5. Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Dandruff itself may not cause hair loss directly. But it constantly itches your scalp, forcing you to scratch the skin hard all the time. That ultimately can result in inflammation of the hair follicles, resulting in thinning of hair in the long run.
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