Why is self-care important? How does it help?

Why is self-care important? How does it help?


Be enough for yourself first, the rest of the world can wait! The statement is sufficient to state that self-care or self-love is an important part of life. If your compassion doesn’t include you, then what purpose it can serve?

Self-care is essential for everyone, to take care of themselves and learn the importance of loving themselves. Some may call it selfish. There is no harm in being selfish, but be selfish for your body, your skin, your mind and your soul. Materialistic deeds won’t take to you anywhere but self-care would definitely. 

It's even proven by scientists and researchers that no one can live a happy and healthy life without self-care or self-love. Self-love might seem hard to achieve but it's not unachievable. There are many ways to do self-care.

Let’s start with the basics and first understand the concept of self-care. Then, we’ll dive into the ways or practices to achieve it. Once you manage to understand what it’s all about and how you can go through the self-care journey, then it can do wonders for you.  

To be honest, it’s a powerful concept. It can change so many things in your life. It will teach you how to love yourself and live in the moment in the best possible ways. So, let’s learn more about it. We will be discussing:

  • What is self-care or self-love?
  • Why is self-care important? What are the benefits of self-care?
  • What are the types of self-care?
  • And, what are the best self-care products to be included in your daily routine?

Here we go:

What is self-care or self-love?

Self-care or self-love is all about nurturing or honouring yourself in the best possible ways. Self-love isn’t just limited to telling that you love yourself. It's more than that. It's about understanding your worth, your body, your mind and your soul.

And, it's all about you, but it means taking control of your life and doing what’s best for your mind, body and happiness. It can include physical activities such as running, bicycling, yoga, exercise, dance and so on, or it can be relaxing activities such as reading, eating your favourite food or taking a warm bath. 

Self-care is about taking care of your physical and mental health and keeping yourself before anything else. It's a door that can lead to a good, healthy life. It makes your body healthy. When your body and mind feel healthy, you automatically start shining in your daily activities.

For instance, you will find many people around who are super confident while dressing up or super energetic while giving presentations in the office. What makes them so happy about themselves? It's all self-care and self-acceptance. For them, self-care is the mantra of living a happy life. They feel motivated, confident, happy and powerful all the time. 

That’s obvious. When you love yourself and take care of yourself, goodness, luck and happiness find their way toward you. You attract them, you manifest them. Some people even say that doing self-care is like manifesting happiness. Once you become happy and self-aware, you become successful. It teaches you how to live life to the fullest, how to handle failures and overcome them with a smile. You feel liberated!


Why is self-care important? What are the benefits of self-care? 

Self-care is the way to look after yourself. When you believe in self-care and practice it, you produce positive feelings that boost motivation, confidence and self-esteem in you. It gives you the energy and creates the aura around you that help you to support yourself as well as others around you.

It's even clinically proven that practicing self-care eliminates depression, stress and anxiety improves concentration and confidence and increases happiness, energy and more. 

We live in a society where we have to prove ourselves daily by working long hours, taking care of everyone around us, doing daily chores and more. While working out these, we forget to look into the mirror and ask ourselves, when was the last time we had pampered ourselves?

There is nothing wrong with taking some time out for yourself and engaging in some self-care practices. It helps to relieve daily-life pressure, reset your mood and get back to the healthy point where you can feel pampered and energized. You don’t need anyone else to do it for you. You have to do it by yourself only. After all, it's all about you!

The concept of self-care came to notice during the times of the pandemic. People were stuck in their homes and were looking for various ways to stay calm and happy. The single foremost reason that people don’t participate in self-care practices is time.

And, during the pandemic, everyone had plenty of time. At that time, people understood the importance of self-care and the benefits they could have with it. Now, somehow it has become the trend. We won’t mind making it a trend until it's helping everyone. So, let’s know more about why is self-care important:


Importance and benefits of doing self-care:

Helps you to perform at your best 

Technically, self-care is meant to create balance in your life. It’s a way to address all the concerns that are hampering your mind, body and soul. It's all about addressing the issues that affect your body and mind and taking out the time to work them out and nourish them. People who practice self-care tend to be stress-free and live a higher quality of life. It helps you to perform at your best.  

Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem

Self-care is important for building inner strength. It encourages the way you think about your mind and body - your worth. Once you channel it, you become more confident and build self-respect. In our busy lives, we compromise our mental health and wellness which leads to life’s inevitable curveballs. Following self-care can give you the strength to fight against inevitable circumstances by bringing out the best in you. 

Opens your mind and makes you aware of your personal needs

Self-care is all about making you aware of what your body and mind desire. Once you start following self-care practices, you become aware of your personal needs and look for the best possible ways to support them. In short, it's a kind of awareness program revolving around your body’s needs, mental peace and spirituality. 

Makes your feel energized

Practicing self-care reduces stress and increases the clarity of your mind. It gives you endless benefits such as increased energy, better communication with confidence, better sleep, sense of purpose and more. 

Makes you resilient

Self-care practices help you to honour yourself mentally and take you to a better place to confront any challenge and stress with a smile. It builds resilience. If you keep on stressing and carrying the stress on your body, it can manifest hypertension or muscle tension making it tough for your body and mind. Following self-care help to outlet the stress and make a way for your wellness. 


What are the types of self-care?

These are three important categories of self-care that should be encouraged by everyone:

Physical Self-care 

It includes all activities that benefit your physical appeal and your body. It can be prioritizing sleep, taking a nourishing bath, choosing a healthy or nourishing food diet, adopting physical activity such as exercise, dance and so on. By doing physical self-care, you make sure that your body feels happy, stress-free and energetic. 

Emotional Self-care

It is all about saying no to any sort of stress or keeping yourself away from any kind of depression. Emotional self-care practices mostly include one-on-one discussions, going on a date, taking bubble baths, watching your favourite movie, reading your favourite fiction novel, and so on. The fundamental motive is to do anything that keeps you at peace and makes you emotionally happy. 

Spiritual Self-care

It’s all about spiritual awakening. Spiritual self-care practices include attending a religious place, meditating, spending time in nature, being kind to everyone, keeping a gratitude journal and more. The motto is to feel spiritually happy, aware and motivated. 


What are the best self-care products to be included in your daily routine?

There are several self-care products that you can choose to practice your self-care routine at home. Here’s our curated list of the best self-care products to be included in your daily routine:

Relaxing spa-like bath at home

Bath is the most relaxing practice to release all your stress, tiredness and of course, dirt. How does it feel to get soaked in warm water and take a bath with some soothing music? Wow! 

So, while having your self-care bath routine, choose an ideal body wash that has cleansing and exfoliating properties infused with natural ingredients. Choosing the right body wash alleviates the whole bathing process leaving you relaxed, peaceful and nourishing. 

Recommendation: Try Soulfood Body Wash

Follow the must-do skincare routine - Cleansing, Exfoliating and Moisturizing 

At the end of the day, what do you desire? Getting rid of dirty clothes, removing makeup, cleansing your face and body. We understand that it's not possible to take bath every night before sleeping. However, you must follow a skincare routine for your face to make it feel refreshed, nourished and healthier. It needs to get rid of dirt, makeup and excessive oil. 


Steps of your skincare routine:

  • Remove your makeup and dirt using the cream-based cleanser. 
  • Wash your face using a foam-based cleanser. You can clean your face using a facial cleansing and exfoliating brush
  • Exfoliate your face using a face scrub to remove dead skin and excessive dirt or oil. (Exfoliation can be done twice a week, there is no need to do it daily)
  • Apply natural ingredient-based face serum. It helps to nourish your skin, and remove dryness and blemishes. 
  • Then, gently apply moisturizer. 

Note: You should follow the skincare routine two times, day and night. While doing the daytime skincare routine, you can follow the same steps but need to add sunscreen, in the end, to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. 


Recommended self-care products to do your skincare routine: 

Face Cleanser - Multigreens Face Cleanser

Face Exfoliating Mask - Powerblend Exfoliating Mask

Face Serum - Powerberry Vitamin C Serum

Moisturizer - Multigreens Day and Night Moisturizer

Sunscreen - Powerberry Sunscreen


Add detoxifying tea, protein and multivitamin supplements to your diet 

Having a stress-free and healthy life is always desirable. One should never compromise the nutrients and minerals intake for the body. Detoxifying tea helps to release all toxic elements from your body giving you a refreshing and relaxing vibe. Whereas protein and multivitamin supplements fulfill all nutritional needs of your body making you healthy, nourished and super energetic.

Recommended Products:

Refreshing Drink - Detoxfresh AVC Drink and Soulcalm Tea

Protein Supplements - Soulpea Plant Protein

Multivitamin Supplements - Healthblend Multivitamins


Summing up: Live Your Best

There is no general principle to self-care. It's all about your personal desires. It's about YOU! Do whatever motivates you, what makes you happy and what inspires you. Remember that no one is judging here. Make dates with yourself, commit to all tasks you have started and do something just for yourself. You would love it. Self-care is important if you want to have a long, happy and healthy life. Never compromise what your body, mind and soul seek. Just go for it!

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