What is the perfect body skincare routine?

What is the perfect body skincare routine?

Your body is a temple and you are the goddess that resides within it. Give it some love and worship it! You must have heard this quote quite often. Have you wondered why is it recommended to take care of your body both inside and outside? Because people focus more on taking care of their faces than their bodies. They assume that their bodies are likely less exposed to the sun or pollutants. Hence, only having a bath is enough. But that’s completely unfair to your body. 

As the matter of fact, we focus on doing a face care routine and providing enough nutrition to keep our bodies healthy. But why don’t we focus on nourishing the outer skin of our bodies? It also deserves the love and affection we give to our faces. 

Your body is also exposed to harmful rays and pollutants that result in sagginess, dullness and discoloration, especially below the neck part. That’s the reason the skin colour of your face looks different than your body colour. To be honest, even your body should look radiant as your face does. Why not?

While focusing on our face glow, we neglect our body parts which result in serious dehydration, underlying skin concerns, tanning, dry and uncomfortable skin. As we said, your body deserves the same love and affection that your face does. And, it’s simple to take care of your body's skin. You can follow a full body care routine at home similar like you do for your face.

Even the steps are quite similar. 

Though, you would need different skincare products for the body. It’s advised not to use the same skin products created for the face when it comes to a body skincare routine. Your facial skin is smoother than your body and hence, it requires different nourishment and care. Hence, buy a separate skincare kit for your body care routine. 

In this post, we have shared what is body care, the easiest steps to provide the necessary nourishment to your body's skin and a list of skincare products that can help you in the process. Even if you spend a few minutes following the process, the right products would help you to soothe your skin and boost your mood amazingly. 

What is body care?

Body care is the process of taking care of your body's skin. It’s a routine of following a skincare routine that looks after the skin of your body against dryness, itchiness, infection, diseases and so on. It ensures a healthy glow and nourished appearance. The process involves how an individual performs applications of skincare products such as moisturizers, sunscreens, scrubs, exfoliating brush, etc. from neck to toe. 

Steps of a body care routine for glowing skin and a nourished body:

Cleansing your body

Whether you are following a skincare routine for your face or body, it’s the first important step for glowing, healthy and nourished skin. Great skin begins with a great shower. Using the right body wash as a cleanser for your skin is a vital step for setting the foundation of super nourished skin. Ideally, we recommend you go for a natural ingredient-based cleanser that would gently cleanse your skin and give a smooth touch. Body wash made of superfoods or natural ingredients won’t irritate or dry your skin. It will help you to cleanse your skin naturally without damaging it. 

Recommended product - Soulfood Body Wash

This body wash is packed with the goodness of superfoods such as Grapefruit, White Tea, Aloe Vera, Acai Berry and Shea Butter and has antioxidants that help to reduce the early signs of ageing as well. Its natural formula locks the moisture for a longer time, leaving your skin nourished, hydrated and happier throughout the day.

Exfoliate your body

Exfoliation is another step that can’t be avoided especially if you are seeking good cleansing results. Deep cleansing is essential as your body’s skin is a bit thicker than your facial skin. Exfoliation using a mild body exfoliator helps to slough off dead skin, ingrown hair, body acne, dirt, and oil and helps in keeping your skin soft. Once you take bath using a body wash, then follow the body care routine with a body scrub. 

A body scrub made of natural ingredients enriched with antioxidants gently exfoliates your skin, maintains natural hydration and keeps the skin refreshed. However, you don’t need to exfoliate your body every day. Once or twice a week is sufficient to maintain your body's skin care. Consider this step as part of the weekly body care routine. 

Recommended product - Soulfood Body Scrub

It’s a natural body scrub packed with the goodness of superfoods like Rose, Acai Berry, Grapefruit, Coconut and Sugar. It has natural ingredients which gently exfoliate your skin, keep it nourished and remove dead skin. 

Moisturize your body

Do you know when is the right time to moisturize your body? After the shower. Coming out of the shower when your skin is slightly damp, is the ideal time to apply moisturizer and hydrate your skin by locking in the moisture. Whether you have dry, sensitive, oily or normal skin, applying moisturizer can bring significant changes in your skin’s health. Always look for superfood-based moisturizers to have smooth and flawless skin. 

Recommended product - Soulfood Body Lotion

It’s a natural body lotion packed with the goodness of superfoods like Acai Berry, White Tea, Grapefruit, and Shea Butter. The lotion has antioxidants that reduce early signs of ageing and lock the moisture for a longer period. Using the moisturizer regularly leaves your skin hydrated, nourished and happier. 

Use Sunscreen 

It's not only the face that gets affected by the harmful sun rays. Your body's skin also gets affected. Irrespective of the type of clothes you wear, you can’t avoid the overexposure of bare skin to direct sunlight. Whenever you go out, always use sunscreen with good SPF protection on your neck, hands, legs, forearms and even your chest. The midsection might be hidden behind clothes but can be affected by harmful UV rays. 

Recommended product - Poweberry Sunscreen with SPF 40 PA+++

It’s a lightweight and quick-absorbing formula-based sunscreen that provides instant hydration without leaving any white cast. It’s a hybrid sunscreen with physical/mineral and chemical filters that protect your skin from sun-damaging UV rays. Using this sunscreen regularly also contributes to reducing the early signs of ageing, fine lines, and skin cancer. It’s loaded with antioxidants that minimize free radical damage and give your skin complete protection. 


Investing in your body is crucial. It’s going to represent you for a longer time. Hence, if you are still not doing it, start taking care of your body and follow a full body care routine at home. You don’t need to go anywhere to do the body care routine. Just order the body care products online and pamper your body as you do your face. Give some justice to your body, you will get the results soon. And, you going to definitely love it. 

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What is included in the body care routine?

Everything that provides nourishment to your body. It starts with body wash, body scrub, body lotion, body oil, creams, and more. There is an unlimited range of body care products. Choose your favourite and hydrate your body like never before. 

Why do we need body care treatment?

Like your face, taking care of your body's skin is essential. Following a weekly body skincare routine can help you to have a smooth, nourished, and healthy body. You will look confident, feel confident and happy. With regular body care, you will glow and look flawless. 

What happens if I don’t exfoliate and moisturize my skin?

If you don't exfoliate your body once or twice a week, your skin won’t get rid of dead cells and hence, will make your skin look dull and patchy. Also, if you won’t apply moisturizer, your skin will start getting dry, tight and ashy. it will look dehydrated. 

How long it takes to see the results of a body care routine?

You will slightly see the results with every use. However, such a process takes time. Eventually, depending on your skin condition, you can expect to see the result between 4 to six weeks. 

When can I start my skincare routine?

Any day. Anytime. You don’t need to wait for any particular day to pamper yourself. If you haven’t started taking care of your body yet, start doing it now. Buy skin care products that are pocket-friendly and start pampering yourself today. You will love it.

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