Is Sunscreen Stick effective? What are the benefits of using it?

Is Sunscreen Stick effective? What are the benefits of using it?

Emily Weiss said, ‘In the world of beauty, Sunscreen is the ultimate thing for adults.’ Whether going outside in sunny or cloudy weather or just staying indoors, using sunscreen is the one thing you can’t afford to neglect. Ask any celebrity, influencer or dermatologist, the first thing they suggest you apply is Sunscreen. 

There are a lot of options available for applying sunscreens daily. Just open any beauty shopping app and type sunscreen, you will find unlimited brands, types of sunscreens, SPFs and more to go for. These sunscreens are also available in lotions, liquids, gels, powder, sticks and more. Though, Sunscreen sticks are relatively gaining more popularity these days as compared to other types of sunscreens. Why Sunscreen Stick? Well, these sticks come with a long list of benefits that are quite hard to ignore. 

No wonder, Sunscreen sticks are gaining momentum. But the million-dollar question comes into everyone’s mind, is sunscreen stick effective

Followed by other sets of questions like is it good for the skin, does it make any difference as compared to other sunscreens and what different set of benefits do these sticks offer than other sunscreens? If you are also thinking about these questions, keep calm as we are going to answer each of your queries. 

So, grab your favourite cup of coffee and sit tight as you are going to explore the ever-unreleased truth of these sunscreen sticks. Before that!

Quick Intro - What are sunscreen sticks?

Muck-like deodorant sticks, Sunscreen sticks are simply SPF in a solid form. These sticks are easy to apply and easy to carry like any regular twist-up tube. 

Now, before answering its effectiveness, you should the long-lasting benefits that make it the best choice out of all other available sunscreen options. 

What are the benefits of using a Sunscreen Stick?

Let’s explore the benefits to understand why Sunscreen Stick is the ideal choice for your face. 

Perfect for reapplication

Applying SPF during your morning skincare routine is not a big deal. Like any regular day, you cleanse your skin, exfoliate, moisturise, and apply your favourite sunscreen. 

However, the real challenge comes when you need to reapply sunscreen during the day. Why? It’s always advised to reapply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours during the day if you want to provide ultimatum protection to your skin from harmful sun rays. But reapplying the liquid or cream formation of these sunscreens is daunting. 

At this time, a sunscreen stick for the face comes in handy. Its solid formation is a perfect way to reapply the sunscreen on your face without washing your face or removing any makeup. Brownie point, you do even need not to have a greasy feeling while reapplying the sunscreen. 

The solid formation of the sunscreen stick keeps it non-sticky, easy reapplication without any white cast. Additionally, if you are using a Sunscreen Stick made of natural ingredients or superfoods, you might get a glowy impression after every reapplication.

Easy to use without wasting your product

Using a sunscreen stick is quite simple. Even a baby can do it without wasting any product. As it's a solid product, there is no worrying about dripping the product while squeezing it from the tube or bottle. 

All you need to do is simply twist up the stick and apply the layer on the face like a pro. It can be swiped easily on your face again and again without any hassle.  

Mess-free application

Gone are the days when you need to use all those greasy liquid or cream formations of SPF to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. As these sticks are easy to handle, you can apply them without worrying about messing up your makeup. 

Easy to carry during the travel

It’s a small stick. You can carry it in your pocket or daily handbag without thinking of damaging your other stuff. These sticks are easy to carry during travels. Just toss it in your bag or anywhere and enjoy the benefits of sunscreen during the day without any worry. 

Easy to target all areas

While applying sunscreen on the face, several areas get left behind. For instance, the delicate skin around the eyes, the corner of the nose, etc. are some areas that might get left behind when you apply sunscreen. 

Sunscreen sticks can be easily applied to sensitive areas around the eyes without the fear of getting the product into your eyes. These sticks are even easier to swipe around the skin of ears and neck as well. 

Now, the million-dollar question…

Is Sunscreen Stick effective?

The answer is YES! 

The stick contains all the goodness of sunscreen. Its solid formation makes it easy to apply and carry it anywhere. Whenever you buy a Sunscreen Stick, just look for the ideal SPF and PA, it will give better benefits as compared to liquid or cream sunscreens. 


Why look for the hard road when you can go straight to reach your destination? That too without any undue effort! No wonder liquid or cream sunscreens are also effective for your skin, but the application is quite messy. 

You can’t take them anywhere. Keeping them in the bag sometimes gets messy. And, reapplying especially on your face gets fussy. Hence, go with the best and easy way to take care of your skin. Try using the best sunscreen stick and get protection throughout the day without any worry.

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