Can we apply a hair mask after oiling? Must-know Fact!

Can we apply a hair mask after oiling? Must-know Fact!

Oiling your hair is important! Do you remember the days when grandma insist on using oil to have shiny, gorgeous hair? When it’s all true, oil gives wonder shine and strength to your hair. But today, where everything is super polluted and harmful, only using oil won’t help. However, using a hair mask can do wonders! Hair masks help to nourish your damaged hair and make them healthy. Some way around, hair masks help us the same way the oiling used to do. And, for the best results, you can do both.

But main the question comes, how should it be done? Do we need to apply a hair mask before oiling? Can we apply a hair mask after oiling? We are sure such questions always bother and make you wonder about the right process to do hair care.

Well, in this blog, we will be answering all your queries. Along with that, we will be discussing:

    • What are the benefits of oiling your hair?
    • What are hair masks? How it helps your hair?
    • Why should we do both, oiling and using a hair mask?
    • What should we use first, oil or hair mask?
    • When to apply a hair mask? Step-by-step guide

And, many more…

No wonder, you must have lots of haircare products at your home. Unlikely to use every product all the time, you must know which order you should use your hair products. For instance, if you have shampoo, hair oil, hair mask, hair scrub, hair serum, and so on, then, you should know in which sequence these can be used.

The major concern we come across that what to use first, oil or hair mask. Well before answering, we would like to discuss the mechanism of these two products. For instance,

  • How do they work?
  • How do they benefit your hair?
  • Why should you do oiling or use a hair mask?


What is oiling all about? How does it benefit your hair? Hair oiling, one of the best remedies followed from ancient times, is a practice of pouring hair oil (or any oil) onto hair and massaging with the fingertips. Hair oiling helps to increase hair moisture and shine. It helps to soften the hair and provides the required vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy.

Apart from hydrating, hair oiling helps to stimulate hair growth and strengthen them to reduce hair breakage. It's important to provide a complete dose of minerals and nutrients regularly to have healthy hair. Thus, oiling plays a big role in achieving healthy hair growth. With proper nutrition, hair gets prevented from external damage and stress.

Although, it’s advised to oil your hair only once or twice a week. Oiling it daily may attract dirt and make your hair look sticky. Such dirt strips away the essential oil from your hair making it tacky and unhealthy.

As it's said, too much of anything is harmful. Also, while oiling, avoid combing, rubbing or vigorously massaging your hair as it may lead to breakage. Gentle massaging is always recommended.

Now, let’s talk about the second hair product i.e. hair masks.


What are hair masks? How does it help your hair?

Like we use a face mask to detox our face from any damage, similarly hair mask condition our hair and detox them from any damage. Hair masks do deep conditioning to your hair and lock the moisture to have healthy and stronger hair. Hair masks are like a magic tonic for your hair if they are dry, heat-damaged, frizzy or chemically damaged.

Hair masks are like a hydrating treatment for damaged hair that treats your hair with natural oils, butter and many other ingredients, condition your hair deeply and hydrate them strand to strand. Using a hair mask on regular basis helps your hair to protect hair against all kinds of damage done by using heat styling, colouring or dirt/pollution.

Using a hair mask can make a significant change in your hair health. With its restoring ingredients and hydrating power, your hair gets changed into healthy, shiny and lustrous hair. For instance, the Multigreens Hair Mask has a goodness formula that helps your hair gets rid of breakage problem and get deep conditioned with lots of locked moisture.


Why should we do both, oiling and using a hair mask?

Both play an important role in taking care of your hair health. Oiling is necessary just as using a hair mask. Consider both of them as pre-wash and after-wash treatments. Oiling your hair provides natural healthy ingredients to your hair for its healthy growth. And, one should do oiling on dry hair. We can’t oil our hair when they are wet. Why?

As we studied in our school, oil and water do not mix. Hence, when you use oil on wet hair, the water won’t let your hair consume the oil’s natural ingredients. Thus, there will be no benefit to using hair oil. Therefore, always use oil on dry hair.

Whereas using a hair mask helps to condition your hair deeply. Its good formula treats your hair against all damages and locks the moisture in them. With deep conditioning, your hair gets stronger and shinier. Also, using a hair mask on a regular basis makes your hair breakage-free.

Hence, for healthy hair, you should use both oil and a hair mask.

Now, the million-dollar question comes…


What should we use first? Oil or hair mask?

With our previous discussion regarding using oil and hair masks, you might have got a slight idea about what to use first. As we said, oil always works on dry hair. A hair mask acts best when it's used on wet hair. However, a hair mask works well on cleaned or washed hair only. While applying a hair mask, your hair needs to be cleaned from all dirt or even oil.

Hence, the sequence should be - Hair Oiling -& Hair Shampooing -& Hair Masking.

You should always first apply oil to your hair, then shampoo your hair to clean all dirt and oil residue followed by a hair mask. When it comes to oiling, it depends on how damaged your hair is. 

For instance, if you have super dry hair, you can keep oil on your hair throughout the night. If they are not that much dry, then you keep the oil for at least two hours. Ideally, it's always advised to keep the oil for two hours only. But exceptions can be done for super dry hair. Most Indian women love to apply oil to their hair at bedtime and keep it as it is throughout the night. Then, wash them with mild shampoo in the morning.

Whatever time you choose to keep the oil on your hair, always use a hair mask after washing the hair using a shampoo. You can apply these products in one sitting.

Note: Choose your hair oil as per your hair needs. There are several types of hair oils available on the market. Some are customized for dandruff problems, some are made of breakages, and likewise. Hence, choose the oil according to your hair requirements and massage them in a gentle motion.


Step-by-step guide: When to apply a hair mask? Or, how to use a hair mask?

The steps are quite simple. Make sure to give some time to your hair while doing the process, especially if you are looking for long-lasting results. Here are the steps:

  • Wash your hair using a mild shampoo and massage your scalp using hair scalp massager.
  • Remove the excess water from your hair using a cleaned soft towel
  • Divide your hair into 4-5 small sections
  • Apply the hair mask to each section one by one focussing on the middle part first and then, applying to the ends of your hair
  • Use a hot towel and give them a little hair spa
  • Keep the hair mask for at least 8-10 minutes
  • Rinse the hair mask with water

Voila! Now you have beautiful, soft and healthy hair. The process is quite simple and can be done anytime. You can use a hair mask every week. Though if you have dry hair, then we recommend using it twice or thrice a week. Once they get tamed and soften, then you can start using the hair mask once a week.



Oiling your hair and using a hair mask, both are must-use hair products. Oiling your hair helps to treat the damage and provide complete nourishment. Using a hair mask helps in deep conditioning and making your hair breakage-free. Both are quite similar in their properties and have motives to keep your hair healthy. Try both and enjoy the benefits to flaunt your beautiful hair.


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Why should apply oil to my hair?

Oiling your hair helps to get necessary vitamins and minerals keeping your hair healthy and strong. Hence, using the right hair oil and gently massaging helps regain hair health and treat your damaged hair naturally.

How long should I keep oil on my hair?

Ideally, it's advised to keep oil for at least 2-3 hours. However, some women love to oil their hair during bedtime and keep it throughout the night. Then, wash in the morning. Both ways are great depending on your hair texture and its needs.

What should I do after oiling my hair?

After oiling your hair and keeping it for the desired time, clean them using mild shampoo. Cleaning your hair is a must. Otherwise, your hair scalp will get clogged with oil and your hair will stay sticky throughout the day. Once you wash your hair, use a hair mask to lock in the moisture.

Can we apply a hair mask after oiling?

Yes, you can apply a hair mask after oiling your hair but only after hair wash. Once you oil your hair, you need to wash them using shampoo. Once done, you can use a hair mask.

What should I do after using a hair mask?

Keep your hair mask for at least 8-10 minutes. Then, rinse it using water. Later you can do whatever you want. You can dry them naturally and style them the way you like. However, avoid doing blow drying once you use a hair mask.

How many times should I use a hair mask?

How many times should I use a hair mask?

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