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Wax Tablet

Wax Tablet

Relaxing aromatic wax tablets.

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Product Highlights

  • Helps You Unwind
  • Induces Calmness
  • Promotes Relaxation

Why Use Wax Tablet

A soul-soothing amalgamation of Jasmine, fragrance oil, soy wax and beeswax to form a rich scented wax tablet. Prepared to impart deep floral and calming aroma to living spaces. The aroma of Jasmine promotes calming ambience that helps your body unwind.

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How To Use

  • Place in small spaces such as wardrobes, closets and drawers or hang up inside cars. You can also set it at your bedside for a calming sleep.

Why Happier is better?

At Happier, we believe in holistic self-care. Our products combine the goodness of natural as well as scientifically backed ingredients to maintain your body’s harmony and strike a balance between your inner and outer well-being. Every formulation at Happier amalgamates extensive research and experimentation with carefully sourced natural superfoods for you to embrace a Happier version of yourself!

Manufacturing Info

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer's Address: -Adorn Naturals B-18/5, Second Floor, Jhilmil Industrial Area, Delhi-110095, India.

Marketer's Address: Hitech Formulations Pvt. Ltd. Sai Road, Baddi, Distt. Solan, H.P. 173205, India

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More About Product

Best scented wax tablets online in India

In the modern world, when everything is so paced and hectic, getting a few precious relaxing moments feels like a blessing. Maintaining a calm and relaxed posture after a busy working day is essential to get your energy back and prepare for life’s challenges. So, besides eating healthy food to nourish your body, think about your mental well-being. That helps to make sound decisions in your profession and private spheres. Wax tablets are here to create a subtle and personalized aroma for a relaxing environment in your living space. These tablets gradually become your solution to soothing your tense nerves and bringing back your high energy level. Happier Wax Tablets are Jasmine-infused tablets made of 100% organic beeswax, soy wax, and pure essential oils for longevity and efficacy. The tablets leave you with a floral and calming fragrance that fills your living space with a calming aroma. Jasmine is known for its rich, fruity, and sensual floral scent, with its exotic fragrance creating a relaxing ambience in your living space and helping you unwind. There is also some wildness associated with the jasmine fragrance. Soy wax is another naturally gained fragrance to soothe your nerves, making your home environment even more relaxing. A typical wax tablet-making process is to drop 25-30 drops of essential oil for every 150g of beeswax and put it over medium heat to let it dissolve fully. Then some dried flowers or leaves are placed at the bottom of the mould, and pour the hot wax into it. Since no synthetic or chemical substances are involved, wax tablet making is a simple process. You can quickly put these smaller wax tablets anywhere or even hang them. Put them in your closets, shelves, and drawers. So, these become part of your wardrobe accessories and can also be a thoughtful gift for your dear ones. Most people use the scented tablets for more extended storage of suits, woollen items, outwear, sweaters, saris, cashmere, and many other things. Wax tablets keep your clothing items smelling with the fragrance of your choice and fresh for all seasons. Or, leave those tablets in your home open to freshen up your surroundings. Our wax tablets can last for a long time and even up to six months once you unpack them, giving you value for your money.

Buy the best Aroma wax tablets at amazing prices

You wish to breathe in an environment that fills you with energy and a great mood to live your life with a sense of satisfaction. So, how about creating an ambience that enhances your spirit as you breathe the air? Our hand-poured aroma wax tablets are ethical products of beeswax and soy wax, infused with jasmine and fragrance oil. We use super ingredients such as lavender, rose, rosemary, and olive to make these refreshing aromatic tablets. You can hang the tablets in small places like your wardrobe, drawers, closets, and cars. You should put them near your bedside for a calming, sound sleep. The tablets will last for 3 to 6 months, depending on usage. Keep the tablets wrapped in a paper cover and leave them at the place of your choice. We have set the prices keeping our customers’ budgetary reach in mind and ensure that buying such products is not a burden on them. So, our loyal customers repeatedly buying from us online do not worry about the prices much. Our prices are already competitive, and these wax tablets are available at a massive discount to your delight. So, you can make easy repeated purchases without burdening your pocket. You May Also Like:

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Essential oils create a soothing and amicable environment around our living spaces for a relaxing body and mind. With such an aromatic ambience around us, you get relief from a hectic life routine and are recharged for new challenges. Our essential oils come with exquisite rose, lavender, and rosemary aromas, whose natural fragrances relax our muscles and bring back our minds to peace and tranquillity. With regular use, the oils help bring down your blood pressure to normal levels as you get rid of anxiety and physical stress. The essential oil reduces your stress and relaxes your muscles. Due to its soothing and lasting fragrance, many people benefit from its aromatic effect when they want to improve their sleep quality. Apply the oil to your wrist, temples, or pulse points to relax immediately for that relaxing feeling.

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FAQs for Wax Tablets Online

What is the purpose of wax tablets?

Wax tablets are mainly for creating an aromatic ambience in your home, car, offices, etc. People mostly use it as a way to feel good about their environment. They put these tablets everywhere: shelves, closets, drawers, cars, etc. Many use wax tablets for long-term storage of woollen items, sweaters, outerwear, saris, cashmere, and suits.

How long do wax tablets last?

Depending on the use and weather conditions, wax tablets can last for three to six months before the scent dissipates. But how long the tablet will last depends on how you use it. Cover the tablet adequately with paper so that its fragrance lasts long.

Which is the best wax for wax tablets?

Soy wax and beeswax are the best options for making wax tablets. This is because both these waxes are natural and free from the harms of synthetic scents. Also, both these waxes are solid air fresheners.

How can I use wax tablets?

You can use wax tablets in drawers, closets, shelves, and even cars at any of your places of choice. You can even let them be open in your home for a widespread fragrance. There are no restrictions on the use of wax tablets.

How does the jasmine scent feel?

Jasmine is an aromatherapy scent that is traditionally associated with lowering depression. It has also been found in a study to increase blood oxygen levels, which helps improve mental health. Some studies also have shown jasmine helps in breathing issues and blood pressure.

Is jasmine a seductive smell?

Jasmine fragrance is known for its sensual scent since it contains indole, a chemical that smells strong.

Is jasmine good for anxiety?

Yes, as jasmine directly impacts our brain/central nervous system to work for calming the nerves. This soothes our anxieties and mild depression and helps us take a rest.

Is soy wax toxic?

No. Soy wax does not contain any artificial substance, which is why it is an effective alternative to conventional paraffin wax. Soy wax has no toxic material and instead is fully environmental and health-friendly.

What are the key benefits of soy wax?

Since soy wax is vegetable-based wax, it has no toxic material, and there is no harm in it being a significant ingredient of the wax tablet.

What are essential oils suitable for?

Typically, essential oils are considered effective solutions to reduce stress as they have a solid aromatic impact on our nerves. That is why those who struggle to take a sound sleep try essential oils or products made from any of those oils, such as jasmine oil.