Step-by-Step Guide: How to use a hair mask and conditioner?

Step-by-Step Guide: How to use a hair mask and conditioner?

Having silky, smooth, and deeply nourished hair is always a dream for every girl. Hence, whether you have small-length or long thick hair, taking care of hair health is challenging. Especially in this polluted world where the natural surrounding is so dusty and dry, it gets hard for us to maintain our hair health. However, there are several ways to keep them nourished if we choose the right products and methods to use those products. 

For instance, think of using a hair mask to cure your rough, dry, or frizzy hair. Hair masks or conditioners are used to deeply nourish and strengthen your hair. Both, hair masks and conditioners, have similar properties but with a slight difference. Hair masks are mostly used to target specific hair concerns whereas hair conditioners treat all major hair concerns. Incorporating both in your hair wash routine helps you to get softer, stronger, and shinier-looking hair after every single use. 

In this post, we will be discussing:

 -What are hair masks? 

- How do hair masks are different from hair conditioners? 

- What should we buy - a hair mask or conditioner?

- Why should you use a hair mask?

- How long can you use a hair mask?

- What are the steps to using a hair mask? 

Here we go! 

What is a hair mask? And how is it different from a hair conditioner?

The hair mask is a hydrating treatment formulated with natural oils, butter, and other nourishing ingredients that goes deeper to hydrate your hair strands. Using a hair mask helps to protect your hair against all kinds of damage done by using heat styling, colouring, or even while creating new hairstyles. Also, it helps to reduce hair breakage and make your hair feel super healthy all the time. 

Whereas hair conditioners also provide hydrating and nourishing treatment to your hair but it only makes your hair strands soft and manageable. In simple words, it makes your hair conditioned only. 

Difference - 

Hair masks and conditioners provide hydration and nourishment but both of them have varying levels of moisture and hydration in the formulas. Conditioners are created with a focus on smoothening your dry or damaged hair whereas hair masks focus on treating or fixing an issue by penetrating the hair section deeply. 


Now the question arises, 

What to buy - Hair Masks or Conditioners? 

Decide depending on your concern. If you want to smoothen your dry or damaged hair, go for the hair conditioners such as Soulfruit Leave-in Conditioner but if you are looking for deep nourishment from the roots to the tip of your hair, then go for the hair mask. It’s best to provide deep hydration to your overall hair fixing all kinds of hair concerns. 

Why should you use a hair mask?

A deeply nourishing hair mask can make a significant difference in building the shine and strength of your hair. Apart from treating your dry, damaged or frizzy hair, it nourishes your hair strands making them breakage-free long hair. 

With its hydrating and restorative ingredients, specific hair types and concerns can be targeted. For instance, a multigreens hair mask is packed with all the goodness that any hair type would need. Its formulation is made of natural ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Kiwi Extracts, and Sea Buckthorn combined with active and rich ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5 that are specifically best for nourishing your hair. Such a hair mask provides deep conditioning and plenty of hydration to your hair which acts as a perfect solution to address dullness, dryness, and breakage. 

Another best part is that hair masks smell surprisingly good. The smell really calms your senses. Natural ingredients of hair masks really give a soothing smell that even helps to relieve stress. 

Must-know Steps: How to use a hair mask?

Wash your hair properly

This is the important thing to do before using a hair mask or conditioner. Try to clean your hair using hair scalp massager. Your hair needs to be super clean and wet. Wet hair helps to soak the key ingredients of your hair mask.

In case, you feel your hair is super dry even after washing your hair, then use a little conditioner before the mask. It’s the best way to get 100% benefits from using the hair mask. Remember, a hair mask works best only on wet hair. 

Remove excessive water

Once you wash your hair, use a hair towel to remove the excess dripping water from your hair. For better results, you mustn't be applying the product on damp hair. Ideally, we recommend using a microfibre towel to soak or draw the water content from your hair without damaging them with friction.

Divide your hair 

For applying the hair mask effectively, divide your hair into 4-5 sections especially if you have long hair. You can divide the sections using hair clips. The motive is to make sure that all your hair lengths get the benefit of your hair mask. 

Apply your hair mask to each section

Here comes the best part. How to apply a hair mask or how to use a hair mask? The rule is focussing on the middle length first and then applying it to the ends of your hair.

All you need is to take a little amount of hair mask in your palm, then gently massage the product to each section in a downwards motion for at least 20-30 seconds. In such a way, you will be able to penetrate the product and seal the cuticle for smoothness, strength, and shine. 

Give your hair, a hot towel spa

You can’t ignore this step if you want to make the best use of your hair mask. Take a hot towel or any cotton t-shirt and compress your hair using the same. The compression helps your hair to get the ultimate benefit of all ingredients available in the hair mask. This activity helps ingredients to penetrate more deeply into your hair strands. 

Leave it for 10 minutes

One should not worry to leave a mask on. You can even keep it longer than the written instructions. Ideally, it’s advised to leave a hot towel on your hair mask for at least 10 minutes. Once you do, it works as magic. Also, make sure you won’t brush your wet hair while doing this activity. Combing your wet hair means you are inviting hair breakage.

Rinse thoroughly

After 10 minutes, you can rinse your hair. Hair masks are mostly greasy in texture as it helps to lock the moisture in your locks. Hence, you need to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the mask. You may need to use excessive water to rinse it properly. 

Once done, now the hair is ready and set to go! You will be delighted to see the results even after the first use. Hair masks act wonders when it comes to your hair. 

Note if you are using a conditioner: 

The process is also similar in case you want to use conditioner instead of a hair mask. However, there is no need to use a hot towel or any cloth after using the conditioner. 

How often can you use your favourite hair mask?

Ideally, it’s advised to use a hair mask once a week to provide hydration and nourishment to the damaged hair. However, if you are more tend to have dry or rough hair, you can use your ideal hair mask twice or thrice a week without any worry. There is no harm in using it again and again. 


You can buy many products to repair your dry, damaged or frizzy hair. But the ideal way to treat your hair is using a multigreen hair mask. Hair masks not only condition your hair but always repairs all kinds of hair concerns. These hair masks are made of natural ingredients that are suitable for all hair types.

However, it’s always advisable to use the hair mask appropriately, step by step, like the way we have mentioned. We hope this post has given you insight on how to use a hair mask in the best possible way. 


How many times I can use a hair mask?

Ideally, you can use a hair mask once a week if you are a regular user. Otherwise, for beginners, we advise using a hair mask twice or thrice a week to tame your dry and damaged hair. 

How long can I leave my hair mask?

You can keep your hair mask on for 8-10 minutes. However, you can keep it for a longer period than the given time too. There is no harm. Generally, using a hair mask for 10 minutes would be enough. 

What is the difference between a hair mask and a conditioner?

A hair conditioner makes your hair strands soft, smooth and manageable. Whereas, a hair mask is popular for deep conditioning as it hydrates the hair strands keeping the hair healthy on top. 

Which is better for dry hair - conditioner or mask?

For dry or damaged hair, we advise using a hair mask. Though a conditioner will also smoothen your hair strands but using a hair mask hydrates your hair and helps in deep conditioning to treat your dry or damaged hair. 

Can I use a hair conditioner and mask together?

Ideally, both are designed for the same purpose, to smoothen your hair. However, if you overdo your hair with conditioner and a mask, your hair could end up with over-moisturized hair. If you have dry hair, then you can try conditioner first followed by a hair mask. 

Can I apply a hair mask on dry hair?

For better results, it's advised to use a hair mask on wet hair. As wet hair helps to penetrate the ingredients of the hair mask resulting in soft, smooth, and shiny hair locks. 

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